Cafe Managers

Child Nutrition Services Cafeteria Managers

Photo of Ollie Sanford

Ben Davis University
Ollie Sanford

Photo of Vinsetta Swanson

Ben Davis High School
Shawn Swanson

Photo of Teresa Livingstone

Ninth Grade Center
Teresa Livingstone

Photo of Stacey Earles

Chapel Hill 7/8th
Grade Center
Stacey Earles

Photo of Charlotte McCoy

Lynhurst 7/8th
Grade Center
Charlotte McCoy

Photo of Kim Ottinger

Bridgeport Elementary
Kim Ottinger

Photo of Glenda Stone

Chapel Glen Elementary
Glenda Stone

Photo of Kelly Jarnigan

Chapelwood Elementary
Kelly Jarnigan

Photo of Nancy Moore

Garden City Elementary
Nancy Moore

Photo of April Delgado

Maplewood Elementary
April Delgado

Photo of Kim Gillis

McClelland Elementary
Kim Gillis

Photo of Felicia Whited

North Wayne Elementary
Felicia Whited

Photo of Lisa Green

Rhodes Elementary
Lisa Green

Ms. Alice Richards

Robey Elementary
Alice Richards

Photo of Becky Jarvis

Stout Field Elementary
Becky Jarvis

Photo of Tammy Belt

Westlake Elementary
Tammy Belt