Employee Recognition

Beyond the Call of Duty Award

Child Nutrition Managers are nominated for this award by the staff in the office for solving a problem or having an action or idea that impacts others in our organization. Examples include suggesting a helpful tip for a recipe, training a staff member that has interest in advancing their career, or giving menu feedback.

Golden Spatula Award

Anyone can nominate a child nutrition staff member for this award, including students and staff in the building. This award recognizes an employee who consistently exhibits excellent customer service to students and/or staff. You can nominate a child nutrition staff member from your school using the Google form here.

April–Stacey Earles

Stacey was nominated for this award for her dedication to helping others and excellence in training. Stacey has done an outstanding job training her assistant and the leaders in training this semester. She was able to leave her assistant to run the kitchen for a few weeks while she filled in at another school. She is patient, thorough, and focused on the success of others.

You can feel the positive energy when you walk in her kitchen. She has done an amazing job at fostering a team-centered and fun culture with her staff. She has a genuinely kind heart, and it is obvious how much passion she has for the job. Thank you for your hard work each and every day. We not only recognize your personal growth but your dedication to growing others in our department as well!

April–April Ryan

April was nominated for this award for her willingness to always go above and beyond. Even though she has the title of kitchen custodian, she truly is the jack of all trades. April can do any position in the kitchen and is always willing to fill in where she is needed. She can handle things on her own when they’re short staffed and is a self-starter. April is bubbly, fun, and upbeat. She’s a pleasure for students and staff to be around.

April was tasked with cleaning kitchens over spring break, which proved to be a much more challenging task than usual. She gave 100% and was punctual and consistent. April, we thank you for your dedication to our department and for always giving your all!

March–Amy Bopp

Amy Bopp was nominated for this award for the initiative she took when filling in as a manager the last 4 months. Stepping into a new role with so many responsibilities is a huge challenge, and Amy did a great job! She took on the roles of manager and assistant manager and onboarded new staff in the process. One of the best things we notice about Amy is that she is constantly asking herself the question, “How can I be better?” She’s open to feedback and not afraid of change. Thank you, Amy, for stepping up when we needed you most!

March–Margie Hyatt

Margie was nominated for this award for her outstanding performance this semester. Margie was selected for the Leadership in Training Program and has been doing an amazing job. She has such a wealth of knowledge and excels in streamlining processes. When working alongside Margie, it is obvious how much she cares about the kids. We are so proud of Margie for pushing herself out of her comfort zone and striving to be a leader. Margie truly cares for others not only at work but at home as well. She tends a community garden every year for the families in her community. Her willingness to learn, recognition of her weaknesses, and always striving to be better is a great example we should all aspire to. Thanks for all you do Margie!

February–Erika Ramirez

Erika was nominated for this award for excelling in her new role this year as an assistant manager at Chapel Hill. She’s always willing to jump in where she’s needed and is very efficient with her work. Erika has done a great job when stepping in as the manager for the day and has taken initiative when it comes to learning new areas. She has such a positive attitude and has built a great relationship with the staff and students. She is always willing to step in and translate with students when needed, which is so important in making them feel heard and accepted. Erika reviewed our department handbook translation on her own time to check for errors. This has been a huge help for our newly hired staff that are mainly Spanish speaking. Thank you, Erika, for going above and beyond. We appreciate all you do!

February–Lindsey King

Lindsey has done an outstanding job since joining the Rhoades Team. She goes above & beyond with completing her jobs for the day and moves on to help others without being asked. Lindsey has built a caring relationship with our students. She goes out of her way to bring a smile to their faces. She loves helping with promotional days and goes the extra step to make it fun for the students.

One special thing about Lindsey is that she comes in being the cheerleader of the kitchen with a smile on her face, regardless of what she has going on outside of work. Thank you Lindsey for all that you do!

January–Glenda Stone

Glenda goes above and beyond in all she does. She is great at making the students and staff feel welcome. She has formed strong relationships with her staff, and she is always willing to help a fellow manager. Glenda utilizes her resources well, especially her training materials, before asking for help. She is extremely helpful in the kitchen and constantly out on the floor assisting others. Glenda is very detail oriented and is excellent at communicating with the office when changes need to be made. Thank you Glenda for all you do!

January–Cindy Janssen

Cindy was nominated by 6 different individuals for this award! This is what her nominators had to say:
“Cindy has formed relationships and shows extra kindness to our kids with special needs. She is very nice and helpful. Every time you need something she does it with a smile. She really cares about the students and treats them with respect. Cindy has been a constant source of love and compassion for her colleagues, students, and the important work she does. Cindy always has a smile on her face, and she continues to show up for others in any way she can. As a new teacher to this building, she was one of the first people to make me feel welcomed and cared for. Cindy is simply amazing! She goes out of her way to make sure you are happy with your food. Her salads are amazing! Cindy will even pick up your breakfast stuff late and still smile on the tenth time. She is a BPE Knight and we are lucky to have her.”

January–Nisha Anderson

We had so many great nominations this month that we couldn’t pick just one! Nisha was nominated for this award for her outstanding customer service. She is always nice and friendly to all students and staff no matter the type of day she is having. She always takes time to be caring to everyone. If she is having a bad day, you would never know it by watching her interact with customers. Her positive attitude and energy are a light to the kitchen!

December–No Award

December–No Award

November–Tammy Belt

Tammy was nominated by her principal for this award. He had some amazing things to say about her:

“Tammy always does an amazing job. Recently she was able to really adjust on the fly when a grade level had some missed steps in field trip preparation. As frustrating as that can be, Tammy quickly made adjustments and made sure students were taken care of. No one would have noticed had they not known. She handles herself in such a professional manner. She communicates well with teachers and administrators as well as her team. We are grateful for all that Tammy does to support our students and staff at Westlake!”

November–Tammy Boller

Tammy has stepped up in big ways this year! She comes in early, helps with deposits, and steps in where she is needed. She is thriving at multi-tasking and is commonly seen jumping into the dish room to help whenever she can. This semester she has been handling conflicts at the register with ease and patience. Tammy is very deserving of this award and her acts have not gone unnoticed! Congratulations Tammy!

October–Debbie Wilcox

Debbie has been a great asset when it comes to helping families with PEBT calls and concerns. While the Child Nutrition Department was without an Administrative Assistant, Debbie took initiative in finding out as much as she could about the PEBT disbursements. She was handling all of the district’s calls from parents. She has also gone above and beyond to help with the transition of office staff. She thinks of more efficient procedures that get the same results. Debbie is always welcoming to visitors and directs them to the right place. She adds great value to the Child Nutrition Department, and her efforts do not go unnoticed. Congratulations Debbie and thank you for all of your hard work!

October–Kaitlyn Starcher

Kaitlyn is an extremely motivated team member with a great attitude and full of energy. She is willing to help anyone at any time. She has a wonderful relationship with many students and greets all students with a smile and kind word. She consistently goes above and beyond with her tasks. For example, she knew she had to miss a day of work, so she completed all of her tasks for the next two days so no one would have to cover for her. She is a pleasure to work with! Congratulations Kaitlyn and thank you for being such a valuable team member!

September–Regina Gemmel

Regina has worked really hard. She always comes in early to learn more about office work. She fills in where needed especially when staff members are absent. Regina has filled in as the manager for other schools as well. The staff loved having her fill in and she gave them some tips and tricks to help make their processes more efficient. She always has a positive attitude and is willing to help everyone out. She is a great leader and we are happy to have her as part of our team. Thank you Regina for all you do!

September–Ciara Taylor

Ciara Taylor is a phenomenal worker. She goes above and beyond her job duties. She took on the A la Carte room as her own project and is very dedicated to it. She comes in early on truck days to help put away stock, and stays after whenever we need to get something done. She assists all of her coworkers and helps them with their job duties while still getting her job duties complete. Way to go Ciara! We proudly announce you as this month’s Golden Spatula Award Winner!

August–Stephanie Hicks

Congratulations Stephanie Hicks for being our first Beyond the Call of Duty Award Winner. Stephanie has helped fill in for multiple managers this year. She has stepped in and made sure the kitchens ran smoothly with the managers being out. Stephanie has read her training manual and taught herself how to run the register at secondary. She is now the assistant manager at Ben Davis High School. She has a great ability to learn from others and teach others what she knows. She always has a positive attitude and is willing to help out anywhere. She is resilient which helps when you help manage so many people. She is a great leader and we are happy to have her as part of our team. Thank you Stephanie for all you do!

August–Shannon Madewell

Shannon always greets the students and staff with a smile. She tries to get to know every student by name. She makes decorations for the cafe for the students to enjoy, and she makes most of them educational for the students to learn. Shannon treats staff members like family and always encourages staff and students. Shannon never meets a stranger and will go out of her way to help everyone in any way she can. We are so excited to have her as a part of the Garden City family. Way to go Shannon! We proudly announce you as this month’s Golden Spatula Award Winner.