Employee Recognition

Ripple Effect Award

Child Nutrition Managers are nominated for this award by the staff in the office for solving a problem or having an action or idea that impacts others in our organization. Examples include suggesting a helpful tip for a recipe, training a staff member that has interest in advancing their career, or giving menu feedback.

Golden Spatula Award

Anyone can nominate a child nutrition staff member for this award, including students and staff in the building. This award recognizes an employee who consistently exhibits excellent customer service to students and/or staff. You can nominate a child nutrition staff member from your school using the Google form here.

September–Samantha Hopson

Sam has made a huge impact on not only her kitchen but surrounding kitchens through her outstanding training. She really gets to know her staff well and sees the potential in others. It’s so important to identify staff on your team to see if they have an interest in advancing so that you can help them reach their goals. This is what Sam’s staff had to say:

“Her goal for training people is for them to be better and to be able to do things for themselves. She will never ask someone to work harder than she works. She is an amazing mentor, boss, and person.”

September–Chelsie Zepeda

Chelsie Zepeda- Chelsie is a new employee this year. She comes in everyday with the happiest attitude and has learned everything very quickly. Chelsie is already training new staff and is doing a GREAT job. She has patience and makes sure new employees understand what to do and reassures them. She is a blessing to have at Bridgeport, and we are happy to add her to our team this year!

August–Trish Clever

Trish created the ultimate ripple effect this semester when suggesting a new menu idea- the fun lunch box. We loved the idea so much that we added it to the menu! Trish also does a fantastic job on providing constructive feedback on menu items. We always welcome new ideas and ways to improve our program. Way to go Trish!

August–Jennifer Owens

Jennifer has really taken “Running the Line” over and above. We have had a lot of challenges with trays and products this year. She has made it extremely normal for all the kids by introducing what “Supply and Demand” is. It is not uncommon to hear a second grader mention supply and demand in line. A lot of students know Jennifer and love seeing her on the line, it is not uncommon for them to want to extend a hug or a “Thank you, you’re so nice.” She is always smiling. Working with Jennifer and not laughing…. it can’t be done! She loves all of the CGE kids and puts them first in all of the positions she works.