Nutrition Education

Below you will find accurate nutrition information for personal or classroom use.


The Truth About our School Meals
Did You Know The Truth About Our Healthy School Meals?
A pdf file that has information of food facts on our school meals.

Healthy Microwave Food
Microwave Your Way to More Produce!
Learn how to make healthy meals with your microwave at home.

Cholesterol Quiz
Cholesterol Quiz
Think you know Cholesterol? Take this test to see how smart you really are.

Food Allergy List
Food Allergy Master List
The Food Allergy Master List contains ingredients for different foods so you know what you are getting when you eat at our schools.

Healthy Snacks
Healthy 100 Calorie Snacks
Want to eat a healthy snack? Check out this link to see 20 different 100 calorie snacks you can enjoy.

Fiber Facts
Fun Facts About Fiber
Learn some cool facts about fiber and try out the Fun Taste Test.


Nutrition Data
A nutrition site that ties nutrient information to students’ real world.

Food Smarts for Kids
This site walks students through each level of the food pyramid, and explores serving sizes, food labels, and some surprising food myths.

My Plate
The United States Department of Agriculture lists a vast array of information regarding fruits, vegetables, protein foods, grains, dairy, oil on this web site as well as many other important topics and resources.

Teen Vegetarians
Important information intended for teens and parents.