Menus and Prices

Breakfast and Lunch Prices

Grade Level Breakfast Lunch
Elementary No charge $1.75
7th/8th Grade Center No charge $2.00
9th Grade Center No charge $2.00
High School Breakfast No charge $2.00
Milk is $0.50 at all buildings.

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

For Fall (August through December)

NOTE: Menus are .pdf files

School Menu Items Served
Giant Preschool Learning Center Breakfast/Lunch
Wayne Township Preschool Breakfast/Lunch
Elementary Schools Breakfast/Lunch
7th/8th Grade Centers Breakfast/Lunch
Ninth Grade Center Breakfast/Lunch
Ben Davis High School Breakfast/Lunch
Ben Davis University High School Breakfast/Lunch
Sanders Breakfast/Lunch
Wayne Preparatory Academy Breakfast/Lunch